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Why invest in the Dominican Republic?


Invest in the Dominican Republic.


With more than 1,600 kilometers of coastline, close to 600 kms of beaches surrounded by white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters and with more than 48,000 km of beautiful tropical vegetation, the Dominican Republic is located as the main tourist destination of the Caribbean.

The country has become the ideal place for buyers and investors of real estate during these last years. Investing in the Dominican Republic is investing in your future.

Investors are not only attracted to the turquoise waters of the country's beaches, but also because of the variety of first-class tourist attractions that include all the five-star hotels and resorts, the 25 golf courses of Renowned designers, the great variety of spas, shops and marine ports. The Dominican Republic also offers political and economic stability, possessing the fastest growing economy in the Latin American and Caribbean region - its economy increased by 6.6% in 2015.


This country has direct flights from the main cities of the United States, Canada, Europe and other Caribbean islands. Within the Dominican Republic there are several places of great potential for investment, one of them is Punta Cana-Bávaro, for this reason there are countless residential and commercial projects. As they are Cana Rock Star, The lofts, Downtown City, Downtown Beach, 7 Seas, Blue Beach, Beach Garden, among others, or you can also opt for the purchase of lots (land).


Reasons to invest in Punta Cana


  • High income generation potential with the rent of the apartment thanks to the fact that it is the most visited destination in the Caribbean - Punta Cana received more than 5 million tourists in the last year.

  • Punta Cana receives more than 70 flights per day from the US and Europe, in addition to the excellent connections with the other Caribbean and Latin American islands.

  • In addition, it has the fastest growing economy in the Latin American and Caribbean region - its economy increased by 6.6% in 2015.

  • A land of music and beautiful colors, and above all, of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the Caribbean.


How to get?


There are several international airports distributed throughout the island including Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and La Romana.

Most international flights arrive at the Punta Cana airport. Here are some examples:

  • London Gatwick - Punta Cana: 9 hours 00 min

  • Miami - Punta Cana: 2 hours 30 min

  • Panama City - Punta Cana: 2 hours 40 mins

  • New York - Punta Cana: 3 hours 55 mins

  • Paris - Punta Cana: 9 hours 10 mins

  • Madrid - Punta Cana: 8 hours 40 mins

  • Toronto - Punta Cana: 4 hours 15 mins




Our recommendations are the following,

It is important that you take into account 4 main points when investing:

  1. Make sure the property papers are in order

  2. That it has a good location

  3. Safe area and comfort

  4. Analyze the market

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